Ubisoft Forward events regularly pop up, usually once a year, giving everyone a chance to see what the colossal publisher and developer is working on. The most recent one unleashed a barrage of information about the first XDefiant season, including a few tidbits about what you can expect when it launches. We also got to find out exactly when that season will land.

Probably the biggest thing to hit XDefiant is the introduction of a new faction. It’s important to remember that this FPS game was once known as Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, so it’s no surprise to see another gang from the Clancyverse pop up. This time it’s the turn of Rainbow Six: Siege, as GSK will be joining the game. With three new characters to choose from along with Rainbow Six staples such as Blitz’s shield as an ultimate ability and Jager’s ADS as a class ability, there’s going to be a lot more Clancy coming to the game.

You’ll also get to play on three new maps, with one released each month. The first is Clubhouse, a dingy, grimy arena that seems to be home to a biker gang. Next will be Daytona, which if you couldn’t guess by the name is a racing-themed area complete with shiny cars and neon lights. The last new map is Rockefeller, a place that seems to combine a playground with something akin to a shopping mall.

There’s three new free weapons, the new capture the flag game mode, and the start of the full ranked play experience. That’s all in addition to a slew of new store items and bundles and weapon mastery skins, making the upcoming months a very busy time indeed for XDefiant fans.

Given that XDefiant isn’t currently on Steam, player numbers remain a little opaque, but we can still gauge how well the game’s doing. Going by the reaction on places such as the official subreddit, for example,  sentiment remains positive as the game warms up for its first season. In fact this announcement seems to have encouraged many about the future of the game, stating that it appears to continue to move in the right direction.

Season one for XDefiant will launch on Tuesday July 2 with a preview event showing off more on Monday July 1. Until then, you can grab more information about this update over on the official website. You can also take a peek at the XDefiant roadmap, to see what the future holds for the game.

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