Confirming what anyone remotely familiar with AMD’s recent graphics card naming conventions would have suspected, AMD’s upcoming new flagship RDNA 4 graphics card will sport the classic XTX suffix, if a recently leaked shipping manifesto is anything to go by.

The card, which will be AMD‘s next attempt to gain a top spot on our best graphics card guide, has long been rumored but this new transport document adds a touch more detail to the overall picture.

Specifically, the leak comes via X/Twitter user @Olrak29_ with them having spotted a shipping manifesto containing the following line: “GRAPHIC CARD: NAVI48 G28201 DT XTX REVB-PRE-CORRELATION AO PLATSI TT(SAMSUNG)-Q2 2024-3A – 102 – G2801.” Serial GPU spec leaker @harukaze5719 also followed up with their own version of a similar leaked doc, listing four variations on the same listing.

That all translates to there being a desktop graphics card (DT) with the suffix XTX that uses a Navi 48 GPU manufactured in Q2 2024 (so, very recently). The G2801 part, meanwhile, refers to the engineering PCB that’s being shipped with the GPU, such that the receiver can test the GPU.

What does that all combine to tell us? Well, we’ve already had it confirmed that the Navi 48 and Navi 44 GPUs exist, with the former expected to be used in higher-tier graphics cards and the latter expected to be for lower-end cards. The numbering of these GPUs also corresponds to this being the 4th iteration of the RDNA graphics architecture.

We’ve also seen in previous rumors that AMD is expected not to ship a high-end RDNA 4 graphics card that would compete with the likes of a future RTX 5090. Instead, Navi 48 is expected to arrive with the sort of performance that might rival an RTX 5070.

This latest shipping manifesto, then, seemingly confirms that this card, despite having performance that won’t rival the relative performance of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX will still hold on to the XTX suffix. This means we can expect there to be an AMD Radeon RX 8900 XTX but it won’t be going toe to toe with the RTX 5090.

This new leak ties in to the generally diminished hype surrounding AMD and Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards now that Computex has been and gone. Even before the world’s largest PC-oriented trade show, rumors had been swirling that AMD and Nvidia wouldn’t be releasing new graphics cards this year, but there was still some hope that we might get some surprise news at Computex. However, it never arrived.

As such, we can now fully expect that AMD and Nvidia – and possibly Intel too – won’t be bringing brand new graphics card to the market this year. Still, it’s always possible that could change and we still have plenty more to learn about the new GPUs before they arrive, such as just how much they’ll improve on AI performance – finally bringing AMD on par with Nvidia for AI-generated upscaling for instance, how efficient they’ll be, just how much performance we can expect, and of course what the pricing will be.

While we wait for all those details to filter out over the coming weeks and months, you can check out what we do know about AMD’s upcoming new CPUs or you can bone up on AMD’s previous RDNA 3 graphics architecture so you’ll know how it compares when the new products do arrive.