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Simple 89p homemade tip set to help drivers post-Christmas clean-up

Drivers could get ahead of their post-Christmas cleaning with a simple 89p homemade item which can be used on every vehicle.

Transporting Christmas presents, decorations and the tree is sure to leave its mark on your vehicle with leftovers likely to be found all over your interior.

However, deep cleans come at a major cost with some car washes charging around £40 to get the interior and exterior cleaned.

With the cost of living crisis biting families across Britain, cheaper alternatives are needed.

Experts at Vanarama have revealed that a small amount of hairspray on a paper towel could be the ideal fix for small sparkly glitter lodged in car seats.

They said: “Even the smallest bit of glitter falling from a Christmas decoration or Christmas crafts can end up leaving the inside of your car looking like a glitter ball.

“Some drivers even decorate their cars for the festive season, which can result in a big clean-up operation in the new year!

“Luckily the automotive experts at Vanarama have shared a hairspray hack that could cost as little as 89p which will leave your car glitter-free.

“Simply spray a paper towel with hairspray and dab the glitter with it, as the hairspray has a sticky texture the glitter should stick to it.”

Savers is selling hairspray for just 89p online while almost all supermarkets will sell the popular item for around £1.

However, those who opted for a real Christmas tree this year will likely face the biggest headache.

Pine needles can be hard to pick up and may be prickly meaning a cheap tool may be required.

Vanarama added: “If you have bought a real Christmas tree you will understand pine needles from it can end up littered all over your home and car!

“One of the easiest ways to remove pine needles from your car’s upholstery and boot is with a lint roller which can be bought for as little as 75p.

“Or if you haven’t got access to a lint roller, try using masking or duct tape instead.”

Although having a messy car is not illegal, motorists must make sure any mess does not affect their ability to drive.

A vehicle’s windows and windscreen must be kept “clean and free from obstruction to vision” at all times.

Failing to do so could see road users slapped with a hefty £1,000 fine in what would be a blow to the festivities.

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