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Best mould-banishing houseplants for windowless bathrooms

Windowless bathrooms are prone to mould growth along the corners of the bathtub, but certain houseplants could help.

One of the best houseplants to put into a windowless bathroom is the gorgeous Peace Lily.

Native to tropical rainforests, the beautiful houseplant thrives in humid conditions.

Its deep green, glossy leaves surround white flowers that add a touch of elegance to any bathroom decor.

Another great option is the propagating spider plant, which is also drawn towards moisture.

The attractive houseplant not only helps to prevent mould from forming, but it also has air-purifying qualities.

With its leaves hanging down, it’s a great plant to put higher up to show off its beautiful shape.

Country Living listed the best houseplants for windowless bathrooms:

  • Peace Lilies
  • Boston Ferns
  • Spider Plants
  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Snake Plants.

To help improve circulation in the bathroom, which also helps to prevent mould growth, it’s advisable to leave the ventilator fan running for a few minutes after showering.

There are also mould-resistant and easy-to-clean paints for bathroom walls when updating the way your bathroom looks.

And for those who are already seeing spots of mould and mildew, there are numerous ways to clear the unsightly and unsafe spores.

Plumbworld pointed out that “vinegar is a great option for killing mould”.

And while it doesn’t smell the best, it doesn’t contain the toxicity of bleach.

“Pour it straight onto the spores or use a spray bottle,” Plumbword stated.

“Try mixing it with water with a ratio of two to one, and leave for 30 minutes before wiping.”

Once you have a bathroom free from mould, you can reduce the likelihood of further mould by adding one of the mould-banishing houseplants.

Pick your favourite and make sure the bathroom has an extractor fan, and you can help reduce the risk of mould from forming.

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