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Woman shares forgotten washing machine button that will dry clothes faster

A forgotten button on your washing machine could help your clothes dry faster, according to decluttering expert @thisgirlcanorganise. She shared her top tips for indoor drying on Instagram, revealing that the double spin function can make a big difference.

She advised: “Double spin your laundry! Your clothes will come out much drier allowing them to dry quicker. Always give your clothes a quick shake before hanging to dry to remove any creases.”

The expert also suggested spacing out clothes on the airer to speed up drying time and using a dehumidifier to prevent condensation and mould in your home.

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If you don’t have a dehumidifier, she suggested “opening a window and placing the airer near natural light.” She also advised using a fan to circulate cold air, which helps clothes dry faster and prevents mould.

In response, one mum commented: “This is what I do too!”, while others joked about “taking notes.” Another woman wrote: “Oh I hate having to dry indoors but I’m banned from using the tumble dryer! This is such a great idea although opening the windows isn’t an option for me as it’s too cold!”

One person praised the dehumidifying tip, saying: “We’ve just invested in a dehumidifier and it’s bloody amazing. No more condensation on the windows and that battle with mould feels like a distant memory.” Another simply called it “Genius”.

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