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We’re hiring a Science and Technology Correspondent

THE ECONOMIST is looking to hire a writer on science and technology, ideally based in London. The writer will mainly be responsible for covering emerging technologies—topics such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology or space. They will help shape The Economist’s thinking on new technologies and how they could affect society, business and economics. Some examples of relevant coverage are listed below.

Experience in journalism is not essential, but the ability to write clearly and entertainingly is, as is an expert understanding of how new technologies work. The writer should also be comfortable delving into and explaining the latest scientific research and, as required, able to write more broadly across the Science and technology section. They will be expected to appear on podcasts and films and at Economist events.

Applicants should send a CV and a sample article, suitable for publication in The Economist, to: [email protected]. It should be unpublished and no longer than 700 words. The deadline is midnight (UK time) on February 24th 2024.

Examples of coverage:

Large, creative AI models will transform lives and labour markets
AI could help unearth a trove of lost classical texts
Solar geoengineering is becoming a respectable idea
The engineering of living organisms could soon start changing everything
Jensen Huang says Moore’s law is dead. Not quite yet
How scientists are using artificial intelligence
Lab-grown models of embryos increasingly resemble the real thing
Fusion power is coming back into fashion
Superbatteries will transform the performance of EVs

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