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Top Question Banks and Study Aids for USMLE Step 2 CK


UWorld – Self Assessment

The only reason UWorld USMLE Step 2 CK Practice Questions isn’t above the NBME practice exams is that there is only one USMLE World Self-Assessment (UWSA). Both the NBME and the UWSA are half as long as the real exam, but the UWSA’s advantage is that they resemble UWorld Step 2 CK question sets. They provide detailed UWorld-style explanations for each question, correct or incorrect.



TrueLearn’s SmartBank for the USMLE Step 2 provides numerous practice questions, custom quizzes in USMLE format, and even shows your performance metrics to predict your exam performance. TrueLearn is known for its extensive question banks designed to help students prepare for standardized exams. There are over 4,000 practice questions, crafted in the style of the USMLE, that have been meticulously authored by accomplished physicians. These questions undergo thorough review by faculty members possessing specific expertise to guarantee alignment with the format outlined in the USMLE content guidelines. The USMLE Step 2 question bank includes a large number of practice questions covering various clinical scenarios and topics relevant to Step 2 CK.

TrueLearn also offers comprehensive answer explanations enriched with tables, illustrations, clinical images, and valuable test-taking tips that substantially enhance your comprehension. Their user-friendly approach allows you to identify missed points, grasp the reasons behind incorrect answers, and understand why the correct answer stands out as the optimal choice.

You will also get access to custom quizzes and a performance dashboard! Experience questions in a simulated computer environment focusing on areas where you tend to score lower. These questions are crafted in the same style as those you will encounter on the actual test day. After you quiz, check out the performance dashboard where you’ll get real-time insights into strengths and weaknesses, presenting detailed metrics on category performance and benchmarking.


Miscellaneous Step 2 Study Resources:



If you used Picmonic for Step 1, continue using it for Step 2 CK. Picmonic remains one of the best Step 2 CK resources (and for Step 1). Picmonic is a valuable resource for USMLE Step 2 preparation, offering several benefits:

  • Visual Learning: Picmonic uses mnemonic images and visual aids to help reinforce medical concepts. This is particularly helpful for visual learners who find it easier to remember information through images.
  •  Active Recall: The flashcards and quizzes provided by Picmonic facilitate active recall, a powerful learning technique where you actively retrieve information from memory. This is crucial for reinforcing knowledge and preparing for the exam.
  • High-Yield Content: Picmonic focuses on high-yield content relevant to USMLE Step 2, helping students prioritize and concentrate on the most critical information needed for success.
  • Engaging Content: The engaging and often humorous nature of Picmonic content can make studying more enjoyable and less monotonous. This can be especially beneficial during long study sessions.
  • Integration with Step 1 Knowledge: For those who used Picmonic for Step 1, continuing to use it for Step 2 allows for seamless integration of knowledge. This consistency in study tools can enhance the learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Picmonic covers a wide range of topics, including various medical conditions, drugs, and clinical scenarios. This comprehensive coverage aligns with the diverse content encountered in the Step 2 CK exam.
  • Efficient Review: The flashcards and visual mnemonic aids provided by Picmonic can aid in efficient review sessions, helping students consolidate information effectively and remember key concepts.
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