In the fast-paced world of Web3 everything evolves at the speed of light, so do the approaches to public relations and establishing communication strategies. Traditional PR that relies heavily on press release distribution is no longer a game-changer, handing that role over to smart, multi-layered, and goal-driven promotion campaigns.

Modern Web3 public relations bet on a complementary combination of various communication channels and tools like great content, targeted media coverage, native influencer endorsements, community building, and hidden marketing. It can be quite challenging to immediately understand how you can put all these ingredients together and get the most “delicious” PR campaign that addresses your business needs and ensures an increased flow of customers and profits. 

So, once you are ready to empower your Web3 brand with a well-thought-out PR strategy, reaching out to specialised agencies can be a savvy move. Who, if not they, will help you successfully navigate through all existing milestones and outperform your business rivals in this overcrowded industry?

List of Web3 PR agencies leading the way in 2023

Web3-centric companies looking to work with the PR agency should consider whether it truly understands the specifics of all niches that form the Web3 ecosystem. Although blockchain technologies and crypto assets are no longer in their infancy, they still remain new and complicated to most people. And if you want to get the PR that will bring you where you want to be, choose the right firm that knows the current state of Web3 from the inside out and has established partnerships with multiple crypto media outlets.

This piece reviews the best Web3 PR agencies with powerful expertise in promoting crypto and blockchain-related products. Some major factors that impact their attractiveness are:

  • Focus on Web3 and crypto PR (1 point) – indicator implying the agency’s positioning and number of Web3 and crypto brands in the portfolio.
  • Delivery of all-round PR support (1 point) – indicator implying the range of services offered by the agency;
  • Market experience (1 point) – indicator implying the agency’s year of launch and/or the founder’s background in the Web3 arena;
  • Niches number (1 point) – indicator implying the agency’s PR expertise in separate Web3 sectors;
  • Partnerships with crypto media outlets (1 point) – indicator implying the agency’s connections with the industry’s famous writers, journalists, and other content producers.

As a result, the research ends up with the top 7 picks – from the strongest agencies with the most appealing offerings (5-4 points) to viable providers and specialized PR teams (3 points and less).

Year founded Niches covered Team members Web3 projects in portfolio Partner media outlets
Wachsman 2015 11 170+ 100+ 3000+
Outset PR 2022 10 10+ 50+ 2400+
ReBlonde 2020 6 25+ 145+ 2000+
Luna PR 2017 7 100+ 600+ 2000+
X10  2019 6 20+ 120+ 100+
LaunchIT 2020 4 10+ 50+ 100+
Blockchain PR Buzz 2017 1 100+ 90+ 1500+


Waschman currently holds the leading position among Web3-focused PR agencies

Wachsman is a truly big name in the Web3 PR arena. Apart from public relations, the agency provides all-round marketing support, working at the intersection of finance and emerging technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Wachsman‘s primary focus is on boosting early-stage and growing startups that seek to gain initial credibility and increase brand awareness.

The agency is collaborating with Web3 companies worldwide, giving them access to its plethora of connections and crafting strategies that pave the way to desired behaviour outcomes – from increasing consumer adoption of the project to establishing impactful business partnerships. Some top clients featured in Wachsman’s portfolio are the industry’s real gems like Cardano, Stellar, Decentraland, and Cosmos.  

For almost 9 years in operation, Wachsman has grown to become a one-stop-shop for cutting-edge developers, with their comprehensive list of services including: 

  • Strategic communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public affairs & policy
  • Investor relations

Total score: 5/5.

Outset PR

Outset PR

Outset PR agency is led by an acclaimed crypto PR & content adept Mike Ermolaev

A new rising star in the field of Web3 communication, Outset PR was recently launched by the industry’s PR guru Mike Ermolaev. The agency is definitely worth consideration since Mike’s long-term expertise in promoting Web3 products is persuasive, with such brands as ChangeNOW, Bitget, Münzen, and Dash earning great media hits and engagement due to his PR efforts.

Being the first specialist who turned media partnerships into a ubiquitous tool of crypto and Web3 PR, Mike has built an extensive network of partner media outlets. So, he is in close contact with journalists, editors, and influencers across the globe, including tier-1 content producers from Latin America. This contributes a lot to helping brands expand into the most appealing markets with a bang.

Outset PR has brought together highly skilled specialists who have been working alongside Mike for 7 years and has leveraged his experience to offer world-class services for achieving clients’ business goals. Based on the team’s portfolio, the agency is incredibly versed in:

  • Crypto PR
  • Blockchain PR
  • DeFi PR
  • Token PR

Total score: 4/5.



ReBlonde Web3 PR agency bets on two Cs: creativity and connections

Another agency that specializes in delivering PR and marketing services to Web3 startups is ReBlonde. The team of early blockchain and crypto adopters puts big emphasis on driving brands’ recognition and visibility to the most important media, investors, and community. Among the businesses who have won the hearts of their target customers with the help of ReBlonde are Terra, Celsius, and Simplex.  

The agency is committed to result-driven approach to public relations and can assist you with organizing the product or service launch and cultivating the company’s brand as part of:

  • Crypto PR
  • Blockchain PR
  • NFT PR
  • Metaverse PR

ReBlonde can also create effective crowdfunding campaigns as well as manage crises and implement PR solutions that mitigate reputational loss to the business. 

Total score: 4/5.

Luna PR

luna pr

Luna PR – a multi-purpose Web3 marketing agency with the focus on public relations

Luna PR is a US-based digital marketing agency that considers Web3 PR as one of their major areas of expertise. The team claims that they take an individual approach to each client, trying to understand their business needs and other nuances related to their vision of the brand and its communications. Luna PR has worked with hundreds of Web3-centric companies: from small startups to large corporations such as Binance, Huobi, and Animoca Brands, to name a few.

Whether you are about to put your business up, expand, or reimagine it, you can benefit from Luna PR’s suite of the following services:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Advisory
  • Event Management

The agency’s rich experience in Web3 can also help you reveal hidden opportunities when it comes to identifying your product-market fits. 

Total score: 3/5.

X10 Agency

x10 agency

X10 agency positions itself as a launchpad that helps early-stage companies to get started in Web3

x10, an Asia-focused promotional agency, plays between launchpads and marketing firms in Web3. It has an apparent expertise in starting NFT and DeFi products from scratch as well as launching security and utility tokens, crypto exchanges, blockchain and fintech projects. x10 provides full turn-key solutions to make startups thrive in the Web3 space and the companies like Mercuryo, Bifrost and Platoncoin have already benefited from their efforts.

Asian packages are the agency’s killer feature designed to localize PR and marketing activities for improving your project’s presence at specific markets such as China, Japan, and Korea. On top of that, x10 offers:

  • Community building and management
  • Paid traffic 
  • Legal framework advisory
  • Collaborations with hyped projects

Besides, if you look for an agency that can provide you with complete support in market making and getting listed on exchanges, x10 is at your service.

Total score: 3/5.


LaunchIT guides startups poised for impactful market entry and growth

LaunchIT is a guiding light for startups who step into the market and aim for growth. Having a wealth of experience in PR, marketing and product development, the agency operates as an integral marketing arm and offers transparent, result-focused reports with a keen emphasis on ROI. LaunchIT is ideal for ventures willing to explore diverse channels and test hypotheses, boost user acquisition through tailored ad campaigns, as well as optimize organic web and mobile presence.

Established in 2020 by Arthur Shakurov, the agency has proficiently catered to their clients’ needs for: 

  • Fundraising
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO and ASO
  • SERM and SMM
  • Performance marketing

LaunchIT’s comprehensive PR offerings span from adept copywriting to securing placements in premier media outlets. They also excel in executing impactful ad campaigns across various display networks and social media. The agency’s portfolio features Relite Finance, GBC.AI, Minto, and many more in the blockchain and fintech space.

Total score: 3/5.

Blockchain PR Buzz


Blockchain PR Buzz is the world’s first PR agency for blockchain press release

Blockchain PR Buzz is extremely specialized in uplifting Initial Coin Offerings, working alongside each client throughout their journeys from initial research to fundraising. The agency has developed marketing plans for over 90 startups and helped raise investment exceeding $500 million in total. Among the ICOs that were started with participation of Blockchain PR Buzz are DICE Money, Bitto Exchange, and BIT.GAME.

The agency has the team dispersed across New Delhi, London and Toronto, ensuring the PR support available in 30+ languages. The services Blockchain PR Buzz executes include but are not limited to:

  • PR outreach
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Fundraising PR campaigns
  • Leadership profiling
  • Community management

What also makes the agency different is their expertise in exchange development. So if you have any hurdles with enhancing your platform’s functionality, Blockchain PR Buzz can come in handy.

Total score: 3/5.

What is your ideal Web3 PR Agency?

As a recap – if you’re currently looking for a reliable Web3 PR agency to connect with, feel safe choosing from these 7 options. You can always get in touch with one-stop agencies like Wachsman and Outset PR which will give you access to a broader suite of services as well as communication channels and platforms. However, if you have some certain business goals you’d like to achieve, you can pay attention to particular firms.

For example, if a strong media presence is crucial for you, opt for PR professionals who can get you easily featured in all prominent crypto news outlets. It makes sense to turn to Wachsman or Outset PR since they have the most extensive media connections, while the latter can also work out collaborative models for establishing long-term media partnerships.

If you’re an early-stage crypto startup looking to increase brand awareness, make sure to turn to Wachsman, ReBlonde, or x10. These agencies specialize in assisting budding businesses with full-cycle PR and marketing support throughout their journey from launch to competition.  

If you have a blockchain-related MVP at any funding stage, there are PR specialists who have proved their expertise in demonstrating product value to investors. Out of the reviewed agencies fundraising campaigns are a strength of Outset PR, Wachsman, Blockchain PR Buzz, and ReBlonde.

If expanding into a new market is your immediate course, consider PR agencies that can show you the shortest way toward earning local audience attention. Is LatAm among your product’s strategic regions? Outset PR is here to help. Meanwhile, x10 is well-suited for breaking into Asian markets.

Choosing the right PR agency will help you target and engage specialized consumers who are fascinated by everything the decentralized internet has to offer. So, make informed decisions taking into account these additional five factors that complement the indicators we listed above:

  • Substantial Web3 expertise;
  • Understanding of your product’s specifics;
  • Transparency in terms of workflow, fees, and deadlines;
  • Data-driven and result-focused approach;
  • Experience in community building.