Charlotte, NC—Texas’  Pine Tree Independent School District (PTISD) today announced an extension of its multi-year collaboration with global edtech leader  Discovery Education. In this new phase of partnership, students in grades K-8 will this year return to classrooms that feature innovative science lessons powered by  Science Techbook for Texas by Discovery Education. A dynamic core instructional curriculum, Science Techbook for Texas was created from the ground up expressly for Texas educators and learners. 

PTISD’s talented team serves a diverse student body of more than 4,500 learners in the western portion of Longview and part of the neighboring city of White Oak. PTISD is a Texas District of Innovation, and as such, has created a thoughtful strategic plan with three goals: all students will reach their full potential; all students will thrive in a global society; and all students will discover and pursue their unique passions. 

To support progress toward these goals, PTISD’s leadership team sought an innovative, updateable, digital-print-kit blended science curriculum that would easily integrate into instruction to create unique, student-centered learning experiences. Following a thorough review process, the district selected Science Techbook for Texas by Discovery Education for teachers and students in grades K-8. 

Science Techbook for Texas includes everything educators need to create modern science lessons, including engaging digital resources, print student and teacher editions, hands-on activity kits, and virtual investigations. In addition, an embedded professional learning component within Science Techbook for Texas helps teachers quickly and easily integrate this resource into classroom instruction, ensuring school leaders see maximum return on their technology investment. Science Techbook for Texas was rated as 100% aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the English Language Proficiency Standards at every grade level by the relevant state review panels and earned a 100% score from the Texas Resource Review for its K-5 and Biology editions. 

The Science Techbook for Texas’ curriculum includes ready-to-use, phenomena-driven lessons that motivate students with powerful technology tools—such as toggle-on authentic Spanish translation—that personalize the student experience, and time-saving teacher tools that streamline preparation and grading. Available in both print and digital formats, Science Techbook for Texas provides a seamless classroom experience complete with immersive, interactive ways to explore scientific phenomena, including hands-on engineering activities, labs, and STEM connections. In PTISD, Science Techbook for Texas will be used alongside  Discovery Education Experience, an award-winning K-12, cross-curricular, supplemental digital learning resource already used districtwide. 

“Pine Tree Independent School District has a long history of providing students with captivating educational experiences that prepare them for future success in our increasingly global environment,” said Dr. Lisa Mullins, PTISD’s Executive Director of Quality Education. “The adoption of these powerful core instructional resources helps us continue our tradition of excellence and prepares our students to thrive beyond graduation.” 

Through its digital, print, and blended options, Science Techbook for Texas delivers a wide range of high-quality resources that support students as they discover how science is practiced in the real world, while focusing on deeper understanding and the application of grade-appropriate science content. Recently,  Discovery Education’s Science Techbook was certified as meeting the rigorous, evidence-based ESSA Tier III standards as set forth in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  

Multiple studies show that regular use of Discovery Education Science Techbook in the classroom has many positive academic results for educators and students across a variety of districts and populations in the United States. For example, in an independent study with Arizona’s Sahuarita Unified School District, a third party evaluated Discovery Education’s impact and found that use of Science Techbook resulted in increased science, math, and reading proficiency in grades 3-8. In the second study, a correlation was found between frequency and depth of use of Science Techbook and student achievement in science in grades 6 and 7. This research and more can be found  here

All educators using Discovery Education’s digital resources have access to the  Discovery Educator Network. A global community of education professionals, the Discovery Educator Network connects members across school systems and around the world through social media, virtual conferences, and in-person events, fostering valuable idea sharing and inspiration. 

“Discovery Education is proud to support Pine Tree Independent School District’s efforts to create innovative science instruction,” said Discovery Education’s Manager of Education Partnerships Jason Fennell. “Dr. Lisa Mullins, Superintendent Steve Clugston, and the rest of the district’s talented team of teachers and administrators have charted an exciting new course in science education that helps all students pursue their curiosity as they prepare for a bright future, and we are excited to be chosen to support their work.” 

For more information about Discovery Education’s  award-winning digital resources and professional learning solutions visit and stay connected with Discovery Education on social media through  X (formerly Twitter)LinkedInInstagramTikTok, and  Facebook.  

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