Last Updated: January 25, 2024, 15:50 IST

Tata Motors To Update, Rebrand Tigor EV, Tiago EV As ‘Acti.ev’ Vehicles. (Photo: Tata Motors)

The Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV will be upgraded by Tata Motors to become “Acti.ev” vehicles.

Tata Motors is anticipated to unveil the Tiago Electric Vehicle (EV) and Tigor Electric Vehicle (EV), both of which will have similar features to the Punch EV, according to Anand Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Head HV Programmes, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM).

Tata Motors recently introduced the Punch EV, a new electric micro-SUV to the Indian market. It has a new look and is built on a completely new electric vehicle-only platform. With the Punch EV, the company introduced the first model based on the pure EV architecture, ‘acti.ev’. The Punch EV was the company’s first model based on pure EV architecture, known as ‘acti.ev’.

According to Hindustan Times (HT) Auto, Tata Motors, CPO, Anand Kulkarni stated that the new architecture is more about the approach taken when developing a vehicle. He went on to say that the Tiago and Tigor are not outliers in terms of being able to deploy this specific approach on those vehicles. However, market forces will determine when the two models will go through this change.

Tata believes that although the Tiago EV and Tigor EV’s upgradability will be driven by market demand, it’s also significant to realise that these models will receive special treatment to satisfy the target market’s expectations. While the two models will each have a different solution, Tata Motors, CPO, Kulkarni clarified that the fundamental strategy of having a scalable modular platform with a larger battery, better space, and higher level of connectivity will stay the same as it does for the “activ.ev” vehicles.

In addition, even though the Nexon EV was updated in 2023, Tata Motors, CPO, Kulkarni believes that the car can still be improved, adding features like a front boot and improved cabin space availability. While the company worked around the platform, powertrain, and technology to make the new Nexon EV “completely new,” a few parts, such as the battery, remain unchanged.

“The Nexon already has significant upgrades, which were a part of what was going into the ‘acti.ev’ and they involved not only the powertrain layer but also some changes on the platform layer along with the cloud layer and the electronics architecture layer had also gotten upgraded,” the Tata Motors, CPO, Kulkarni said as quoted by HT Auto. He added that the company is prepared to upgrade the Nexon EV as needed.

The Nexon marked Tata Motors’ entry into the electric vehicle market in 2020.