A handful of largest Lego Super Mario sets are discounted ahead of Prime Day, including 1,000-plus piece builds like Bowser’s Airship, Peach’s Castle, and Larry’s and Morton’s Airship. We don’t often see price cuts for these Lego Mario sets, so if you have any on your wishlist or want to pick up an affordable gift for the Lego fan in your life, this is a good time to shop. We’ve highlighted the three best early Prime Day Lego Mario deals below, though you’ll find even more discounts at the bottom, if you’re seeking to add more blocks to your collection.

Note: Many retailers are changing prices or running out of inventory, as these early Prime Day deals are incredibly popular. Be sure to move fast if you find something you like and check back frequently if you’re favorite item goes out of stock. Walmart’s deals are set to expire after July 11.

Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set (1,152 pieces)

$70 ($100)

This expansion lets you build the iconic Bowser’s Airship and do battle against Kamek, Rocky Wrench, and a lowly Goomba. There’s also a POW Block and a Cannon Start Pipe for your Lego Super Mario Starter Kit to interact with. Best of all, the airship unfolds so you can explore its interior and access even more interactive components. The 1,152-piece build is great as a display piece, too.

Larry’s and Morton’s Airship (1,062 pieces)

$56 ($80)

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It’s not Bowser’s Airship, but this kit lets you build two airships belonging to Larry and Morton. It features three figures (Larry, Morton, and a Goomba) and can open to reveal a large battlefield for all your characters. Other cool features include sound effects and some cool interactive components when combined with a Lego Super Mario Starter Set. Target is the only major retailer that carries Larry’s and Morton’s Airship, and it’s the perfect companion set for Bowser’s Airship. At 1,042 pieces, this is a fun set to build. Another great thing about this is that you’re building two ships, which makes it great for parents and children to work on together.

Peach’s Castle (1,216 pieces)

$97 ($130)

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We can’t imagine it’ll remain available for long, but Peach’s Castle is down to the incredibly low price of $97. This is the best price we’ve seen at Amazon all year. You’ll get five figures (Bowser, Ludwig, Toadette, Goomba, Bob-omb), interactive pieces like a Time Block and secret wall, and a gorgeous Peach stained-glass window adorning the top of the castle. Be sure to clip the coupon before adding the item to your cart to get the full price cut. If it sells out at Amazon, another discount is available at Walmart. At 1,216 pieces, this is the largest Lego Mario build on our list.

More Lego Super Mario Deals

Plenty of other Lego Super Mario sets are discounted ahead of Prime Day, and you’ll find all the best deals below. One of the most popular Lego Mario Expansion Sets is Donkey Kong’s Tree House–and now that you can snag it for $48 (down from $60), it’s a good time to add it to your collection. It’s also a bit more manageable than the three listed above, with just 555 pieces needed to snap together the entire scene.