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Ola Electric’s MoveOS 4 Software Offers Over 100 Features, All You Need To Know

Last Updated: January 22, 2024, 15:15 IST

Ola Electric’s MoveOS 4 Software Offers Over 100 Features. (Photo: Ola Electric)

Ola Electric releases MoveOS 4 update for electric scooters, featuring 100+ features including Ola Maps, Ride Journal, anti-theft alarm, and biometric app lock.

Ola Electric rolled out the MoveOS 4 software update for its electric scooters recently.

The majority of the outstanding models are expected to receive the newly introduced software via over-the-air (OTA) updates in the next few days.

The MoveOS 4 comes with more than 100 fascinating features, some of which are the first on offer by the electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The brand-new software can be downloaded on all Ola scooters except for the S1 X model. The company has assured that the S1 X users will also be able to download the latest version of MoveOS soon but no exact date has been revealed.

Thanks to the latest update, the MoveOS software now gets a navigation feature called Ola Maps. It is an in-house system which contains the company’s Hypercharger network and will no doubt make the rides more convenient. The update enables two more new features– ‘Find my scooter’ and ‘Share location from the app.’

By launching MoveOs 4, Ola has also introduced a Ride journal where riders can keep track of things like average speed, battery usage, range, efficiency, money saved and distance travelled on each trip. Ola has also implemented an anti-theft alarm in the recent software update in a bid to enhance the security features of its electric two-wheelers. According to the company, they have optimised this technology to block different ways that people may try to steal the scooters.

Another noteworthy feature of the MoveOS 4 is a biometric application lock. This system enables the owners of the Ola scooters to safeguard the application from unnecessary interference. Only they will be able to access the software by scanning their faces or fingerprints.

The recent update of MoveOS offers several additional features including Garage Mode, Care Mood, Concert Mode, profile controls, upgraded proximity unlock, Hill Hold and Hill Descent Control, headphone control for music and calls, Take-Me-Home lights and an option to mark favourite contacts. Riders can now activate cruise control as well in the eco-riding mode.

Steps To Download MoveOS 4 In Ola Electric Scooters

Visit the ‘Ola Electric’ app on a scooter and connect to a Wi-Fi network

When the connection is established, enable the ‘Auto Download’ feature from the system settings

Once the download is completed, click on ‘Install’ to get the MoveOS 4

The MoveOS 4 marks the third major software update released by Ola Scooter in the last two years. The previous two versions were launched in 2022. The MoveOS 4 was earlier slated to be introduced in December last year but it got delayed due to unknown reasons.

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