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‘I lost a huge 12st following Gregg Wallace’s healthy lifestyle plan and he saved my life’

In an emotional interview, the CEO of Follow Your Dreams Charity, Diane described how in March 2022 she weighed 25st, suffered from high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic.

She also said she had high cholesterol, was living with long Covid, and believed that she wouldn’t have a long life.

However, she is now completely medication-free, all thanks to following Gregg Wallace’s healthy eating plan.

She said: “I was on high blood pressure medication for 18 years and I thought it was destined for a coffin in the next year. But now I don’t take any medication whatsoever. Nothing. I’ve never felt better. Gregg not only saved my life but he changed it forever.”

At the start of her weight loss journey, Diane weighed 25st 7.5lbs and on Christmas Eve 2023, she weighed 12st 13.8lbs, a weight loss of 12st 2lbs.

Diane added: “I’ve still got weight to lose, I’m probably at the stage where some members might join GreggWallace.Health, top of the 12st mark.

“I’ve still got two or three stone to lose and according to NHS guidelines, I’ve still got another seven stone to go for my height which is 5ft.”

Gregg’s ethos is super simple and involves eating three healthy meals a day from a range of nutritionally approved recipes.

Followers will also need to cut out snacking and takeaways, replacing them with meal planning and learning to cook nutritional meals.

Gregg commented: “I’m incredibly proud of Di, I’m just absolutely chuffed to watch her make a life change. We’ve had many. many successes but none as big as this, I consider Di to be a Gregg Wallace Health pinup.

“She’s just the best inspiration for anybody out there that is despairing, that has tried lots of things and really does want to make a difference – and it’s incredible to see her in person.”

Diane began to notice a difference almost straightaway, realising how good it felt to cut out snacking and grazing.

She said: “I understood that this was a guide for life, it is a life-changing journey that you’re going to experience for the rest of your life. That was the different thing for me – and the fact that it’s really lovely food coming from people who are in the food world.”

Gregg’s wife Anna helps to create the recipes and new recipes are released each week to inspire people across breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Diane continued: “Gregg and Anna’s recipes were coming from people who are qualified to do these things. So [it] was really lovely to be experiencing new and different food. I’ve always had an interest in food. I’ve always enjoyed cooking nice meals. But there were so many things I learned.

“I remember in the early days, there was a recipe I didn’t understand but there was a video of Gregg teaching you how to do it. With this plan, the short videos – they are only about a minute or so long – are invaluable.

“Watching Gregg actually doing it really made sense of it all. I’ve learned a lot along the way, from things like that – it’s so much better than a cookbook that you spend over £20 on.”

Diane’s typical breakfast now consists of overnight oats or an oatmeal waffle, lunch is a turkey burger with salad or chicken fried rice and dinner includes healthy curries and cottage pies.

Coaching is a part of Gregg Wallace Health and Diane has now become a coach to help motivate other people who are on the plan and answer any questions they may have. She currently coaches members from Denmark, Germany, as well as Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

She has also gone on to write and co-write eBooks for the plan and is improving fitness in the gym, and working on other aspects of her health including improving her sleep and increasing her water intake.

She said: “I just want to be able to share my experience and help as many people as I can. There will be people out there who just want to live a healthier life and want to get a bit happier and we can help achieve that.

“I honestly cannot imagine my life any differently now. Everything feels more in control, even when I am busy, I seem to deal with stress differently, I am so much happier and if I can play that forward and help others achieve the same, I want to do that.”

To find out more log on to GreggWallace.Health. Access to recipes, how-to guides, and expert advice costs £11.99 a month.

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