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Whether you’re a frequent flyer, bedtime reader or someone who just loves having a light source handy, this pocket LED might be for you — or so say over 13,000 5-star reviewers. The Glocusent reading light is a bestseller, customer favorite and Wirecutter pick that’s loved for its small size, five dimmable levels, foldable design, lengthy battery life and attractive style. Several reviewers echo that this is the “best book light ever,” with one particularly loving that it lets them “read in bed late at night and not disturb my partner.” It’s a recommended product for any reader, and at its lowest price of the year for just $10.99.

This LED reading light clamps onto your book and folds open to 150-, 90- or 45-degree angles and is light head can pivot left or right for better angling. It also has three settings for adjusting temperature: amber mode for a warm light, a cooler setting called breeze and a precise mode for a brighter, sharper spotlighting effect.

Many reviewers say the light has a lengthy battery life, supporting the brand’s claim that it can last up to 80 hours; it also has a screen to indicate the current battery level. The light features a built-in USB-plug, so when it needs charging, you can just plug it in instead of needing to keep track of a a cord.

Several reviewers note that this light is a must-have for travel. “If you’ve ever tried to read on an airplane and can’t reach the overhead light or don’t want to disturb your seatmate (or bedmate), this device is for you,” says reviewer Laurel Hunt. “This light is so easily usable on the road and easily rechargeable,” raves Khojasteh Kakroudi, “my son is using it nicely during the commute to college and long road trips.”

The Glocusent reading light is at its lowest price in blue, but you can still nab it at 45% off in green, pink, purple or white for $12.59. Read on for more promising reviews from readers who keep those pages turning after hours.

Read on for more promising reviews of the Glocusent USB rechargeable reading light:

I am obsessed with this little book light! It folds up nice and compact so I can throw it in my bag or my pocket and take it with me anywhere! The brightness and color settings are awesome, it allows me to read in bed late at night and not disturb my partner. It also holds a charge for a surprisingly long time! I’ve had this light for a couple months now, I use it for atleast a couple hours every night and I’ve only had to charge it one time. Works perfectly on hard cover or paperback! Highly recommend!” — ajmcfall

“I hate being That Person on a plane who turns on the light above their seat just to read- it’s so bright, illuminating what feels like every seat in a five foot radius. This little light is awesome – slim, sturdy, and slides easily onto hardbacks and paperbacks alike. You have 3 light color options, and different levels of brightness. I honestly love how adjustable the light itself is- it tilts side to side as well as up and down. I also like to use it when my partner is trying to sleep, and I’m not quite ready to put down my book yet. Also, re-charging is a breeze, since the USB port is built right in. You don’t even need to keep track of a wire. Also? It’s cute. Highly recommend!” — Caitlyn

“I like how how I can change the brightness. I have very sensitive eyes. So when I read for hours and my eyes start to hurt I can turn the light down. It’s good for anyone who lives with multiple people and want to read without disturbing them from sleep. I recommend it to any reader. It’s very light so you can carry it anywhere.” — Lynette

This light works great! It’s small enough to travel with, but don’t let the size fool you! It has 5 brightness settings and three different tones, all of which I use. The clip is sturdy, and works on both paperback and hard cover books. It can also stand on a table/desk if you want to use it but don’t want to clip it on a book. The light swivels at the top which is a nice little touch. I love that this comes in many color options.. I went with the lavender (light purple). This little book light would make the perfect gift for any book lover. I’ve used this light almost every night for the past two months and still have not needed to charge it. It has a battery light that lets you know how much battery is left too! If you’re looking for a new book light, THIS IS THE ONE!” — Michele

I love this little light! I use it to read at night after my spouse and baby have gone to sleep. The brightness and tone of the light are perfect for reading before sleep and not waking anyone else. I LOVE the fact that I can easily adjust the way that the light shines on the pages and it stays that way. My previous book light never stayed twisted into the position that I had placed it for long, and it often didn’t illuminate the whole page. With this light, I’m able to put the light into position and leave it there for the entirety of my reading session. It’s been easy to find a light position for both small books and larger books. I will be gifting this to the other readers in my life.” — Kyle Killeen