Food enthusiasts have been left astounded after stumbling upon a simple trick to whip up their eggs in the morning.

Poached eggs, known for being a high-protein breakfast choice and an appetising way to kick off the day, come with a plethora of recipes and personal techniques that people swear by for creating this delectable treat.

Yet, out of all the egg preparations available, from scrambled and fried to omelettes, poaching is often seen as the trickiest to perfect.

The difficulty lies in gauging the egg’s doneness once it hits the water in your pan and even slight variations in heat can throw off your usual timing, leaving you with an overcooked yolk or undercooked whites.

A game-changing hack was shared on TikTok by user @danarebeccadesigns, showcasing her mother’s reaction to trying out the innovative method, which astonishingly doesn’t require a pan of water to execute flawlessly, reports the Mirror.

“I recently learned how to poach an egg, and I thank whoever it was on TikTok.

“Break an egg into a small Pyrex bowl, add a little bit of water – just enough to cover the yolk – and put it in the microwave,” she detailed.

According to the innovator, microwaving the egg for roughly 36 to 45 seconds, depending upon your microwave power, worked best.

The creator admitted there had been a bit of “trial and error” trying to get the timing right, but once she found the sweet spot she was more than happy with the results.

Once it has finished cooking, simply take the bowl carefully from the microwave before removing the egg from it using your handy slotted spoon.

The video shows the creator cut open the egg to reveal it was perfectly cooked inside, with the yolk running beautifully across the plate.

Several followers echoed their support for this nifty trick. One person said: “[I’ve] been doing this for years,” while another noted: “Perfect, no more dirty pan for one egg.”

But do take note – a minority shared distressing episodes of exploding eggs inside their microwaves.

To prevent such incidents, one tip suggested incorporating salt into the dish or “poke the yolk with a toothpick”.