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Florida Joker threatens lawsuit, wants speaking role in GTA 6

The ‘Florida Joker’, who accused Rockstar of using his likeness in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer, is back and this time he’s after a speaking role in the game. That’s not in lieu of payment, though, he still wants money from Rockstar, or he’s going to sue.

Early last December, Rockstar officially released the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 and, rightly, it left people excited for the latest entry in this open world game series.

But one person who was distinctly unimpressed was Lawrence Sullivan who, arrested back in 2017, became known as the Florida Joker. Going by his mugshot, it’s pretty clear that was the image he was going for, but he now believes that Rockstar used him as inspiration for a purple-haired, tattooed character featured in the GTA 6 trailer.

Sullivan went on TikTok, asking that Rockstar contact him, asking for at least a million dollars for his ‘appearance’ in the game. Lindsay Lohan did attempt to sue Rockstar for allegedly using her image in GTA 5, but that case was thrown out.

However, in his latest TikTok (spotted by PC Gamer), Sullivan attempts to negotiate with Rockstar. He’s now asking, on top of the money, for a role in the game, voicing the purple-haired character. But, hang on… this is someone we’ve seen for all of two seconds. How do we know he’s even got any speaking lines in Grand Theft Auto 6?

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Sullivan has thought of that, explaining that he wants the character to be padded out. “Let me voice the character, give me more storyline in the game, and get me a few mil, get me a royalty deal off it.”

That last condition seems even more optimistic than the ‘few mil’, since video game voice actors rarely get royalties. The video concludes with him giving Rockstar a month to reply, or he’s going to sue. I suspect that, right now, Rockstar is just hoping he’ll go away. But get your popcorn at the ready, just in case.

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