After weeks of wet, windy weather, your patios are likely looking a little worse for wear.

With a heatwave predicted next week in the UK, there is no better time to get your patio or outdoor dining area prepared for barbecues and socialising.

However, removing stubborn stains, algae and moss from patios can be difficult. With this in mind, fans of cleaning pro Mrs Hinch have shared their simple and quick method for cleaning patios.

Elaine Chalk asked the group, ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’: “Best Patio cleaner, please?”

The post was inundated with responses but one of the most suggested was a product called Monty Miracle.

Georgia Ettridge said: “Monty Miracle is by far my favourite!” She added: “…Then rinse it after 10 minutes.”

Elaine Rider commented: “Monty Miracle cleaner is the best. Honestly, it’s so easy to use and so quick. No jet-washing, just spray, leave 10 minutes and rinse away with a hosepipe.

“You will never use anything else again. I was recommended it and wow I was amazed at the result. This is my patio before and after.”

Elaine shared a photo of her patio before and after she used the product. In the first photo, her patio had black stains all over it, in the second photo, it looked brand new.

Monty Miracle patio cleaner can be bought online or from hardware stores. Monty Miracle Fast Patio Cleaner costs £31.49 from B&Q and £29.69 from Amazon.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using Wet & Forget, bleach, Patio Magic, a pressure washer and soda crystals.

Christina McManus said: “I’ve just done mine with Wet & Forget yesterday and they have came up great, I left it on all night and rinsed it this morning.”

Ann Stanton commented: “If it’s in need of a clean first, neat bleach, a stiff broom, jet wash then Patio Magic or Wet & Forget to keep it clean.”

Ann Miles replied: “Jet wash. Before I bought one I would empty a whole bottle of good bleach mix in hot water in a large watering can and wet each slab. Just leave it to dry and hose down.”