Applying for Veteran Disability Compensation can be a long, stressful and frustrating process especially when you are living abroad. We assist veterans to file for benefits from our offices in Korea and the Philippines for service-disabled veterans residing throughout Southeast Asia and the United States.

Veteran Disability Compensation Basics

Veteran Administration disability compensation provides a a monthly tax-free payment to all Veterans that were sick or injured while serving in the U.S. military and, also, to Veterans whose service in the U.S. military made an existing condition prior to military service even worse. If you served in the U.S. military you may qualify for disability compensation for physical disabilities (e.g. injuries, back issues, hearing loss) and mental health conditions (e.g. PTSD and depression).

Don’t let the belief that the process is too difficult stop you from receiving government benefits that you are entitled to. With good help and a little patience you shall be well on your way to the benefits that you worked for.

If you’re seeking a free of cost initial consultation, you may: Schedule a Call with an Attorney. For more information on the VA Disability Benefits and the application process, please see: VA Disability Benefits

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