Ubisoft is changing the way its subscription service works, rebranding its plans to make room for the new Ubisoft Plus Premium and Ubisoft Plus Classics. While many of the previously available games will still be ready to play following these changes, PC players will have more options than ever before with Ubisoft’s improved offers. If you want access to highly rated games like Far Cry 6 or Rainbow Six Siege, you won’t want to look past these plans.

The new Ubisoft subscription plans offer a different way for us to access free PC games via online services. Rather than having both Ubisoft Plus Multi-Access and PC Access, the behemoth developer is merging both plans into a more convenient Ubisoft Plus Premium subscription that’s available to console and PC users alike. The company is also offering a new plan to PC players, Ubisoft Plus Classics.

Previously, the subscription that Ubisoft states offers “a curated selection of popular back-catalog and live games” was already available to players on PlayStation. It’s now available on PC too through the Ubisoft Store for $7.99 per month. This Classics subscription will give you access to Far Cry 6, Rainbow Six Siege, Watch Dogs Legion, and other well-received older releases.

On the other hand, the newly merged Ubisoft Plus Premium subscription offers more recent games such as Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. With this plan, you’ll get to hop into games on day one similar to how you can with Microsoft’s own Game Pass subscription. In some cases, like with Prince of Persia, Ubisoft says the plan can also give you “early access to upcoming new releases.” Premium costs $17.99 per month.

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“This is on top of our extensive back catalog, where you’ll have access to premium editions, DLC, and monthly rewards,” Ubisoft clarifies, which means you’ll essentially get the benefits of the Classics subscription, too. The company says it’ll “eventually have the Activision Blizzard catalog, too” as a part of its service. While many players prefer to purchase their games directly still, Ubisoft says it’s “offering a compelling reason” for players to stick around” with its plans.

While you consider taking Ubisoft up on its latest offer and subscribing to one of the services available, you should browse through our roundup of the best PC games available to play right now. They may not all be free, but they’re certainly worth their prices. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our most highly anticipated upcoming PC games if you want to think ahead.

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