The Finals just got a new update, and it’s a pretty big deal. The patch adds an entirely new game mode for a limited time only, shaking Bank It up a bit for the time being. Embark Studios’ massive update also brings changes to abilities, gadgets, maps, weapons, and more, changing up the shooter’s meta with tweaks affecting the game’s three classes. Whether you’ve been itching for better balancing or a fresh solo mode to hop into, The Finals’ update 1.5.0 may just pull you back in-game.

You may love it, or you may hate it, but The Finals is here to stay and Embark Studios isn’t slowing down with the free game‘s frequent new patches. Update 1.5.0 is no exception, coming in hot just days after the 1.4.1 changes. This one is a bit bigger though, packing some major fixes to improve upon balancing, bugs, security, and more. It also sees the shooter’s first limited-time game mode arrive, in what Embark calls an “experimental twist” of Bank It.

Solo Bank It, the temporary mode, takes the usual high-stakes team-based brawl for money and turns it on its head. Instead of working with your team of four against others, you’ll now be on your own inside a 12-player arena where you’ll fight to be the first to collect over $40,000. As usual, you’ll need to deposit your money in the cash-out station for it to count towards a win. It seems like a chaotic deathmatch-esque mode, fit for players searching for fast-paced solo fun.

Alongside the new solo mode comes a plethora of balance changes. If you play a medium build character, you may notice changes to recon senses. The activation cost has now increased ever so slightly and the minimum charge time to activate has decreased. Light players, update 1.5.0 is both a blessing and a curse. While the RPG’s player damage has decreased from 150 to 140 allowing for a better survival rate, there are nerfs to worry about.

Shotguns now deal two less damage per pellet, but that’s not all. Stun guns now have a decreased duration of 3.75 seconds, too. The cloaking device, perhaps most significantly, now has an increased activation cost of two seconds instead of one and an increased minimum recharge time as well. Invisibility may not be as viable as before following the update, but thankfully evasive dash still works the same.

Another big feature coming with update 1.5.0 is Embark’s new “fair play guidelines,” in which the team has “revamped and improved detection methods for unfair play.” Following the patch, cheaters should run far less rampant, as Embark restricts them “with more confidence” and stands more strictly behind any of its bans. Players seem especially keen to see better moderation in-game, with some going as far as calling the shooter “insufferable” recently due to cheating.

There are other changes across the board, including map improvements and other ability, gadget, and weapon adjustments, but the new limited-time game mode and tweaks affecting light builds stand out. If you’d like to go through the patch notes in their entirety, you’ll find them on Steam courtesy of Embark. You can also share your thoughts there, as the dev says it’s looking for any feedback on solo Bank It in particular, “as long as the mode stays up.”

While you wait to check the new update out for yourself, you can browse through our in-depth overview of The Finals classes to learn more about each one’s unique gadgets, specializations, and weapons. Alternatively, you can take a look at our rundown of the most ideal The Finals build if you find yourself struggling in-game more often than not.

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