Modding team LoreCraft Designs has finally pulled off launching the first part of the campaign in its reimagined fanmade Warcraft 2 game, titled Warcraft: Chronicles of the Second War. The new part will focus on the Horde, going through the “Tides of Darkness” campaign, and can be downloaded for free by anyone who owns Warcraft 3 Reforged on PC.

LoreCraft Designs made the announcement with a launch trailer for Chronicles of the Second War – which uses Warcraft 3 Reforged assets – via YouTube, highlighting the remade Horde campaign’s story moments and teasing scenarios with RTS and RPG game mechanics. In under ten hours, the trailer has skyrocketed to over 100,000 views and is getting showered with praise from gamers who waited years to see the project lift off the ground.

“Literally not a single member of the team expected such overwhelming response and reach,” said LoreCraft Designs in the comments of the trailer. “That means that the thousands upon thousands of working hours that have been put to this has NOT gone to waste.”

The team also clarified that “this is not over” and now looks to reimagine the Human campaign and will “commence developing later” after getting some rest.

With the addition of the new campaign, the webpage where you can download Chronicles of the Second War lists that over 30,000 people have installed the title and has a strong rating. To many Warcraft fans, what LoreCraft Designs has accomplished here is essentially what they wanted from the highly criticized Warcraft 3 Reforged in 2020, and it looks like the modders have delivered.

“We do need to support our modders for our beloved game ever since Blizzard won’t do anything with W3 since Reforged,” said one YouTuber watching the trailer, another user stating, “Finally, a proper Warcraft 3 expansion we have all been waiting for.”

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