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Starfield’s colossal Class M ships are now yours to build and command

Starfield ships come in many shapes and sizes, but we all know that having the biggest starship in the Settled Systems makes for great bragging rights. Typically, the gargantuan Class M ships, and the parts used to make them in Bethesda’s space RPG, are kept disappointingly outside of your reach as a player unless you turn to using console commands to get your hands on them. But not any more, thanks to a helpful new Starfield ship building mod designed specifically for the giant craft.

A worthy contender to join the ranks of the best Starfield mods, ‘TN’s Class M ship building’ mod comes from creator ‘TheOGTennessee’ and is pitched as “the one-stop shop for making Class M ships in Starfield.” If you’re looking to swan around the space game in style, nothing says “I’m large and in charge” quite like running with your very own, custom-made, Class M Starfield ship, put together with TheOGTennesse’s tool.

Rather than simply unlocking Class M parts for use, this mod also “balances their mass and hull, fixes errors in their entries, and fixes the snap points on the hull and structure objects,” along with lots of tweaks to make them actually work properly and let you use the larger pieces in combination with other parts. You’ll unlock Class M Piloting when you reach rank four of the regular Piloting skill, and the ability to purchase Class M parts once you also pick up rank one of Ship Command.

“The mass and hull of the various Class M habs and structure has been increased and balanced,” its creator explains, noting also that “M Class engines are strong enough to handle the increased mass, and add landing gear strength, so you won’t need a metric buttload of landing gear for it.” You’ll also get access to the Class M particle weapons, and other in-game settings such as module limits and ship size restrictions have “been vastly increased to accommodate the larger ship sizes.”

There are a few caveats; firstly, TheOGTennessee notes that the mod doesn’t make the bigger parts colorable if they weren’t already. They also add that a “camera fix for massive junk in the trunk [is] not included,” and that this mod “won’t make your computer stop crying in the ship builder (these ships are going to kill your FPS).” If you’re prepared to take that risk, however, you can head here to check out the Starfield Class M ship building mod for yourself, along with full installation instructions.

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