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Relive Jigsaw’s Games With The Saw 20th Anniversary Box Set

Saw is one of the most iconic horror franchises in recent history, spanning 10 films across two decades. Saw 11 is expected to arrive later this year–but if you want to relive the action before then, the Saw 10-Film 20th Anniversary Collection is releasing in March, giving you an easy way to view every entry in the gory series.

Details about special features and bonus content are not yet available, but expect it to include all the extra content found on previously released Blu-rays. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see additional goodies to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Along with all 10 movies, the collection features an exclusive slipcase to store all your discs.

If you don’t want to wait until March for your preorder to arrive, you can pick up the Saw: 9-Film Collection for $20 or the Saw: 8-Film Collection for $11 (down from $25). Neither of those includes Saw X (and they lack the collectible slipcover), but they’re a good alternative if you’re shopping on a budget.

As for Saw 11, the film is expected to release this September. Whether you’ve never watched a film in the franchise or just need a refresher, that gives you plenty of time to dive into Jigsaw’s backlog and catch up on the story.

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