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Overwatch 2 reinvents quick play with new limited-time mode

Overwatch 2 is at the heart of its eighth season, Call of the Hunt, which features new tank hero Mauga, the return of the popular prop hunt game mode, and soon, the 2024 return of the shooter’s annual Lunar New Year event. Blizzard is now making an experimental change to its quick play mode for a limited time only amid the season’s chaos, hoping to “learn what changes to Overwatch 2 you enjoy the most.” Get ready to witness an even flashier flashpoint and more this weekend.

That’s right, Overwatch 2 is testing some fast-and-furious changes to the FPS game‘s competitive play mode rival, quick play. These experimental tweaks will only last through to the end of the weekend, though, with the developer looking to “understand what you like and possibly implement changes to improve gameplay” in the future. Quicker play, the new game mode, is the first of Sombra’s ‘hacked’ renditions of quick play.

Blizzard plans to drop the hacked versions of quick play “periodically and only for a limited time.” The current hack, quicker play, is available now until Sunday, January 14. Changes include respawning times that are 75% of their original time and other speedy adjustments. For instance, taking control of the objective point in control, flashpoint, and hybrid is much faster.

We may get just one fight in flashpoint with the 20% increase. Payloads in escort and hybrid maps also move 60% faster with the quicker play mode, with a whopping reduction pushing the initial match time to just 70% of the original time. If it all seems like a little too much for you, you don’t have to take part. Blizzard says you can opt to start a custom game using the traditional quick play rules and invite players to join you.

You can check out the full list of changes courtesy of Blizzard, where you can also find where to provide feedback on quicker play. Overall, these changes seem pretty exciting. Fans largely seem to see the ‘hacked’ quick play as a breath of fresh air amid the center point of Season 8, with some calling the limited-time game mode “cool” and expressing they’re “glad to see this season isn’t completely dead.”

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