Quake is undeniably one of the most influential games of all time, with its surreal body horror and unnerving atmosphere design. The shooter is comparable to its spiritual predecessor Doom, and we’ve all been waiting for a new game as boomer shooters and retro experiences rise back into fashion with the likes of Dusk, Turbo Overkill, and Ultrakill. Excitingly, a recent Xbox Developer Direct may just contain a teaser pointing to a new Quake.

We got Doom Eternal, and now we want more Quake. The FPS game has a massive following even today, much like Half-Life still does, so it would not exactly surprise me to hear that developers like MachineGames are considering a new entry to the classic series from the 90s. If you closely look at the dev’s recent Indiana Jones and the Great Circle reveal, you may spot a sign that the team is doing just that.

The camera briefly pans over a whiteboard with red scribbles, and this is where the possible teaser lies. In the top left corner, you can see letters that spell out “AKE 6” and underneath, the iconic Quake emblem itself. It may all just be a coincidence, but it could also be the most ‘solid’ piece of supposed evidence we have indicating a potential new Quake game.

With last year’s surprise remaster of Quake 2 and flying rumors of a new entry in the series, it’s not all that implausible that MachineGames has a bit more up its sleeve than just the Indiana Jones game it’s working on with Todd Howard at the helm. Considering Bethesda’s success with its newer Doom games, too, anything is possible.

The original 1996 Quake, its 1997 sequel, and the third 1999 entry all have overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, with various recent feedback posts. Hopefully, the active Quake community prevails and we’ll soon see a brand-new game come to fruition. Until we know for sure, we have a new campaign that Bethesda itself endorsed.

While you wait to learn more about the possibility of a new Quake game, be sure to browse through a few of our other favorite old games to play. There are plenty of PC classics to enjoy, after all. Alternatively, you can look through our roundup of the most exciting upcoming PC games for more to look forward to.

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