In the wake of Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Prince Adam finds himself having to choose between being a king and a champion as his father King Randor falls ill and dies. As He-Man he will face a new foe in Hordak, and his evil Horde Empire.

Netflix’s first Masters of the Universe series, Revelation, was intended as a continuation of the original Masters of the Universe show’s continuity. Kevin Smith worked with Mattel on the series that included originally planned stories such as Teela finding out her true heritage as the Sorceress’ daughter and the inclusion of the underworld ruled by Scare Glow. Check out the new footage below.

Hardcore MOTU fans will catch quick glimpses of more deep-cut favorites like Rio Blast, Extendar, and even the great dragon Granamyr, who will be voiced by Star Trek’s John De Lancie. Meg Foster, who played the live-action Evil-Lyn for Cannon Films’ Masters of the Universe movie returns, as the voice of Motherboard, a villain we only briefly during Revelation.

The cast includes Diedrich Bader, Melissa Benoist–who takes over as Teela, Liam Cunningham, Keith David as Hordak, Mark Hamill, Lena Headey, Griffin Newman, William Shatner, Tiffany Smith, Tony Todd, and Chris Wood as Prince Adam and He-Man.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution arrives on Netflix on January 25.