Modern Warfare 3 has been on quite the roller coaster since its rocky launch just a short while ago. With negative reviews citing the game’s short campaign and other poorly received features, both Activision and Sledgehammer Games have been working to deliver the big Call of Duty experience longtime fans expected. Many of MW3 players’ more recent complaints cite issues with the event tab. While we now have a response from the developer, it doesn’t look like a fix will come quickly.

If you’ve been enjoying the new Modern Warfare 3 Vortex event, or have been trying to, you may have encountered the bug with the FPS game‘s event tab. It seems you should still be able to earn rewards and complete challenges, though, as the developer now explains it’s “aware of an issue causing the event tab to be inaccessible for certain players,” but states that “despite this” event challenges are completable.

The dev says that fans can still earn rewards for the time being until a fix releases sometime “in the coming weeks.” While it’s refreshing to see the dev team acknowledge the reported issue, many players are frustrated to hear that a patch could take weeks. The Vortex event itself will only last until Wednesday, January 17, which doesn’t leave much time for fans struggling with the bug to obtain all 15 rewards.

One player asks on the thread, “What takes so long?” Other fans explain how they’ve been unable to access the tab since previous events and still aren’t sure which rewards they got. “Weeks for an events tab that’s been gone for months and more than three events now,” one frustrated player writes in a reply. In turn, Sledgehammer Games followed the initial post up with its own response, hoping to reassure the worried commenters.

Sledgehammer says, “Although some players cannot currently view the event tab, rest assured that challenges remain available and rewards can be earned.” The team then details the available rewards and how much XP is needed to obtain each one. Much like the initial post from CoD’s developer though, the replies are largely comprised of players asking about previous events’ rewards, too.

MW3 event tab bug response from Sledgehammer Games

“So, what about the last event for Christmas ’cause I do not have any of those items either,” one player’s response reads. As of now, the official CoD update account on Twitter hasn’t posted more news on the matter, and Sledgehammer hasn’t either. Considering the current mixed Steam reviews and feedback on social media, this seems to be yet another tough hurdle for the MW3 team to overcome as Season 1 continues to unfold.

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