According to Leasing Options, there were 54,664 cases of thieves stealing items from cars in England and Wales during the festive period in 2022.

Whilst London saw the most cases of break ins, the company noted that Derbyshire has the worst rate for the crime, with one theft per 162 people.

The West Midlands Police force also noted high rates of festive vehicle break ins, recording an average of one case per 726 people.

Nevertheless, no matter where they live, Mike suggested that motorists should always keep their valuables safe if they need to be left inside a vehicle.

He added: “As shown by our research, some areas see significantly higher reports of theft from vehicles than others for a number of reasons, however, no area is completely safe from thieves.

“No matter which area you live in, it is always best to keep valuables in a safe place and park your car in a well-lit, secure area.”

First, Leasing Options recommended that drivers should always try to park in a safe space, such as nearby a security camera or in a well-lit area, where criminals would be easily noticed if they attempt to break in.

All valuables kept inside should be stored in a hidden location, such as the boot, glove box or under the seats, in order to avoid attracting attention to the car.

Finally, motorists should always double check that they have locked their vehicle every time they leave it, making sure that all of the windows are shut.