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In this article, we have created a list of top vehicles, which we feel should make a debut in the Indian market. 

Ever since the auto segment bounced back post-COVID-19, the top manufacturers have witnessed impressive sales growth and reported high demand for vehicles in multiple segments. Due to their versatility, comfort, eye-catching stylish and ample room for both passengers and cargo, Crossover vertical has created a lasting impression in the Indian market.

The category still needs more models so that customers will have wider options to choose from. In this article, we have created a list of top vehicles, which we feel should make a debut in the Indian market.

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Honda CR-V

Whenever there is talk about comfortable crossovers, Honda’s CR-V always shines on the top. The car somehow ruled the Indian market for quite a long time and attracted a good target audience.

However, the company delisted the car from its official website in 2020 due to high production costs.  If it makes a comeback in the country with some trending features, the model might boost Honda’s sales and give tough competition to some ongoing products.

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue also made it to the list, and all the credit goes to its practicality and turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine with a max power of 198 bhp.

The model is no longer available for purchase as the company has stopped production in 2022. The decision was taken due to low sales and criticism from customers over the outdated interiors and design.

MG Cloud

As MG is trying every possible way to spread its roots in the Indian market. As the brand eyeing to capture the mass market, it should release its eye-catching crossover Cloud in India. The vehicle has everything one can ask for. From the impressive front fascia to the sleek headlight setup with stylish DRLs, the car checks all the points.

It has been speculated that the brand might add this model to its fleet. If rumours are to be believed the model is likely to arrive at the end of this year. However, the company has yet to share official details about the same.

Tesla Redwood

It has been reported that the top electric car maker Tesla, is in a fight with the Indian government to set up operations, soon to launch the most advanced EV Redwood. The deadline has been set for mid-2025.

It is expected to come with a long list of robust features, allowing overseas customers to experience both comfort and top-notch performance. The booming EV segment in India should deserve something like this from the brand in the future.