The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally consented to 11 issuers that applied for $BTC ETF on Wednesday, 10th of January The approval brought a short spike in price for $BTC and other top altcoins, but it didn’t last long. Trading has commenced for the newly launched exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, they’re yet to find their feet and have lost ground after the first two trading days, with $BTC priced just below $43K as of today. Market experts advise investors to focus more on ICOs for the time being, and the booming $GFOX presale looks like the most profitable option at present. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Presale Enters New Phase 

While the market buzz about the $BTC ETF, market experts believe keeping your focus on ICOs is a smarter move. Many crypto assets are on presale and have the potential of becoming top altcoins after their retail launches. Galaxy Fox is the most likely to blow up, making it deserving of attention. The new meme coin has gone through its first six presale stages impressively, with early adopters optimistic about solid returns in the long run. 

$GFOX is now in its 7th presale stage, which kicked off with a bang. The ERC-20 token has raised over $2.6 million thus far and will likely surpass $3 million before this phase ends. Experts believe early adopters of $GFOX presale tokens will enjoy higher returns than potential investors who will join now. This is because of the value increase $GFOX experienced entering this new phase. The token will still experience subsequent value increases, making now the next best time to commit to the buzzing meme coin. 

Top market players’ optimism about the meme coin stems from its prospect. The token is designed to function across all web3 platforms, which will make it popular and widely used. $GFOX‘s high adoption will contribute to its value appreciation, making it a profit-yielding token. The meme coin will also undergo periodic burns to reduce its circulating total supply to make it more scarce and valuable. The deflationary token looks to be a top performer and will compete fiercely with other booming altcoins, yielding profits. 

The Galaxy Fox ecosystem will attract members with its profitability. The platform will have investors, gamers, and members seeking fun. Galaxy Fox is designed to cater to everyone’s needs, leveraging its unique features. Investors will earn from the ecosystem by staking their $GFOX token. They can also HODL their tokens until the value appreciates. Blockchain gamers will have the opportunity to participate in Galaxy Fox’s runner game. The web3 game will be play-to-earn, allowing gamers to have fun and earn $GFOX token. 

Galaxy Fox is streamlined to ensure an abundant flow of liquidity. Hence, stakers and gaming competitors will always get rewarded. This makes the ecosystem attractive and would improve $GFOX adoption. $GFOX is set for an unprecedented after-presale run. You can benefit from it by joining its new presale phase. 

Bitcoin Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) Show a Loss As Trade Commences

Spot $BTC ETF hasn’t gone as expected after its first two trading days. Following their approval, trading has commenced, and most of the approved ETFs have disappointed. 21 Shares, Franklin and Valkyrie, were all off by 5-6%, While others like Wisdomtree, Vaneck, Invesco Galaxy, and Fidelity Wise Origin recorded losses. Grayscale and Hashdex were among the early surging ETFs before they pared gain, while BlackRock and Fidelity had the leading trading volumes amongst the trade funds. 

Market experts believe the exchange-traded funds (ETF) will still pick up and put smiles on investors’ faces in the coming months. Presently, market top players clamouring for ETF approval are yet to see the desired effect, but they believe things will get better with time. $BTC market run is currently declining, and analysts believe there’s a connection with the ETF’s performance. The top cryptocurrency dropped from $46K+ to $42K+ within a day, raising investor concerns. Keen observation is essential at this point to reduce possible risk exposure. 


Bitcoin Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) have not gone as expected, but experts remain optimistic for the long term. They believe it’s still early days and the tides will eventually change. However, many have advised committing to ICOs while there’s uncertainty over $BTC ETF trading. $GFOX presents itself as the meme coin with the best ICO as it prepares for a profit-yielding rally in its retail phase. You can benefit from $GFOX presale by entering the presale now as the meme coin prepares to outshine top altcoins soon. Join the presale now:

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