Dawnwalker is the stunning new RPG from ex-Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3 developers now at Rebel Wolves, a freshly formed studio made up of CD Projekt Red’s prior masterminds. While we previously knew to expect some sort of dark fantasy experience from the team, we’ve only just learned that the RPG is called Dawnwalker and have also finally received our first look at the hotly anticipated project.

Our first glimpse of Dawnwalker, Rebel Wolves’ upcoming RPG, is not too revealing. In it, we see a crimson-red sky and a shadowy humanoid figure wielding a sword in one hand. Behind the supposed man, a huge cloud made up of dark smoke follows, almost as though it’s seeping out from the clawed figure. Above the human-like being, you can spot a gold symbol that looks like a scale of sorts balancing a sun on one end and a moon on the other.

“Usually we don’t comment on rumors,” the post itself reads. “However, since we’ve heard something through the grapevine,” Rebel Wolves then continues, “Yes, we are working on Dawnwalker!” The Cyberpunk 2077 dev’s new RPG may also be a part of a series later down the line just like The Witcher, as  Rebel Wolves has previously described it as a “story-driven RPG saga.”

The dev doesn’t give further detail on the upcoming RPG just yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for vampires. Dawnwalker as a title could imply a vampire that’s able to freely walk despite the sunlight. The black cloud shown in the reveal feels like the traditional form of travel from old vampire tales too, in which the creatures could change shape to become a dark mist that moves through the night quickly.

We’ll learn more about Rebel Wolves’ RPG, currently in alpha stage, later on. For now, we have The Witcher 4 release date to look forward to from CD Projekt Red itself as well as the triple-A developer’s Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, Project Orion. CDPR is also working on a Witcher spinoff and a recently announced Witcher remake. We RPG fans are certainly eating good, huh?

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