Diablo 4 sees many upcoming changes with Season 3, including a good few long-awaited ones such as leaderboards and extra stash space. One of the most exciting additions is just as cute as it is useful, and it’s the steampunk-like Seneschal companion. If you’ve been waiting for Blizzard to add pets to Diablo 4, that’s exactly what these clinky-clanky little guys are, and they’re way better than the series’ third game’s cosmetic pals.

The new Diablo 4 pets are reminiscent of The Elder Scrolls’ own Dwemer constructs. More specifically, the RPG‘s upcoming companion is like a more amicable, smaller version of the Dwarven spider. It also joins you in combat, working with your unique build to support you in the Diablo 4 Season 3 dungeons, the Vaults. Not only is this clockwork-inspired pet aesthetically appealing, but it’s also incredibly customizable and useful to have.

You can augment your Diablo 4 pet to best suit your own playstyle with new governing and tuning stones you earn from Vaults. With governing stones, you can determine how your Seneschal performs in combat and choose attacks. Then, you can use tuning stones to further adjust those chosen skills as you please. For each of the two governing stones you can equip to your companion, you can apply three tuning stones to augment abilities.

The possibilities don’t end there, either, as you level the stones up and can fuse duplicates to increase the XP you get toward upping a stone’s potency. In total, the Season of the Construct has 12 governing stones and 27 tuning stones “of different rarities” to apply to the new Diablo 4 pets. These range from stones that allow for dragon-like fire powers, to more supportive tuning stones that increase attack speed.

What’s more important than just how capable the Seneschal companion already looks to be though is the fact that it’s truly a pet. Blizzard reveals that, yes, “you can pet your construct,” in its latest update stream, which seals the deal that the companion is truly Season 3’s greatest addition. I figured that pets would come to the RPG one day, but I’m ecstatic to see that they’re joining other core features as precious robot arachnids with some massive build-aiding potential.

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