Corsair wasn’t going to attend CES 2024 but a last-minute change of heart has seen the company announce a surprisingly wide and impressive range of new gaming PC products, the most striking of which are the new 6500X and 2500X cases. They’re the first from Corsair to join the new trend for a supportless dual glass panel design and they come with interchangeable panels to tweak their design and function.

The chief functionality addition of the new best PC case contenders from Corsair is that the front panel can be swapped out (screws are required but not a complete disassembly) for a mesh front panel for better airflow. Meanwhile, the wooden panels seen on the black version of the 2500X shown below can all be swapped out for black, white, or aluminum panels, and you can choose from teak or walnut wooden veneer finishes.

Both cases looked amazing, but the smaller 2500X looks particularly impressive given the way there’s almost no space in the front chamber due to it only fitting smaller micro-ATX cases. Almost everything visible inside is either the graphics card, the also newly announced Corsair A115 cooler, or fans.

Corsair 2500X 01

Also helping the look, of course, is that these cases are compatible with Asus BTF and MSI Project Zero motherboards, which use rear-mounted cables, such that the only visible cable in the front of the case is the one for the graphics card.

Corsair 2500X 02

The 2500X side panel can be opened slightly at the top, allowing for easy emergency ventilation and it makes it safer to remove the panel without dropping it. Meanwhile, the larger ATX-compatible 6500X has a side panel that swings open.

Corsair 6500X 02

Pricing and exact availability for these new cases hasn’t been revealed yet but they’re expected to arrive in Q2 2024 and be priced in line with competing dual-chamber cases, such as the Lian Li O11D and Hyte Y70 Touch.

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