Meme coins are off the lead, with top projects making notable gains in the last 24 hours. Currently, Bonk is up 8.22%, Dogecoin is up 3.74%, and Pepe is up 7.29%.

But with the broader market shifting bullish, other projects are also looking to make significant gains. Which meme coins will pump next?

Traders Back Top Meme Coins For Further Gains Amid Bullish Market Sentiment

With analysts expecting the Bitcoin spot ETFs to gain approval this week, a surge in interest has engulfed the meme coin sector, offering a beta play on the broader market’s next move.

This has led to significant spikes in trading volume for top meme coins, with Bonk up 47% at $172 million, Dogecoin up 61% at $429 million, and Pepe up 32% at $77 million.

However, the recent pumps may be a drop in the ocean compared to what’s to come, with experts forecasting significant returns for the three meme coins.

TradingView analyst Weslad believes that Bonk is forming an impulse wave and is moving toward forming its third segment.

If correct, the analyst believes Bonk could reach highs of $0.0074 shortly. From its current price of $0.00001455, this represents more than a 40x gain.

Moving to Dogecoin, The Coach implies that Dogecoin could be primed for an immense pump as fundamental advancements build.

The analyst points out Dogecoin has mainly remained flat while Elon buying Twitter, Doge-1 and X-payments narratives have all grown.

According to the analysis, Dogecoin could reach $0.8 in the coming months. This equates to a 760% ROI from its current price of $0.093.

Meanwhile, Oliver D recently made a short-term prediction that Dogecoin could reach $0.15. The trader also suggests, “The reaction on the $0.15/$0.17 zone will decide if a new ATH is coming in 2024.”

trading view chart

Lastly, Captain FX analyzed Pepe’s potential, forecasting it could break out to $0.000001756 based on a breakout on the 4-hour chart.


But when discussing its longer-term potential, prominent analyst Eric Cryptoman forecasted that Pepe is “making a run back to the highs.”

Currently, Pepe is down 67% from its all-time high (ATH), presenting significant room for growth.


Yet, despite analysts being bullish on top meme coins, lesser-known projects often yield the most gains. We recently saw this with Bonk, which did over a 100x since October. In the same period, more established cryptos like Dogecoin and Pepe moved significantly less.

With that in mind, let’s explore the three meme coins which could be next to boom.

Sponge V2

Alongside Pepe’s unforgettable pump earlier this year, an unsuspecting meme coin paying homage to SpongeBob SquarePants also exploded. The project was called Sponge and did a 100x. It reached a $100 million market cap and secured listings on over ten prominent centralized exchanges.

However, the Sponge team is back to absorbing meme coin liquidity with a second-generation token, Sponge V2

The project provides investors with a second chance at soaking up a 100x, but Sponge V2 boasts features that could provide even more upside potential.


Mainly, Sponge V2 offers a Play-to-Earn racing game. This enables users to earn crypto while providing a significant demand stream to the $SPONGEV2 token.

In a recent video, prominent trader Michael Wrubel explained how he made a 100x ROI on Sponge and is optimistic that Sponge V2 will also be successful.

However, Sponge V2 is not available on exchanges as of yet. Those looking to get in early must visit the website and partake in the project’s “Buy and Stake” campaign.

Users can buy $SPONGEV2 with USDT, ETH, or card, and their investment will be locked in the project’s staking contract until the campaign ends.

In the meantime, the tokens will accrue an additional yield depending on the staking mechanism’s variable APY.

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Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat is a new GambleFi utility token cross meme coin currently undergoing a presale. It is quickly approaching its hard cap, meaning investors are running out of time to secure it at a fixed, discounted price.

The project offers a gamified gambling experience and incorporates prominent meme coin characters for an added viral allure. 

It offers an augmented battle arena that hosts fights between different characters. Users can watch and bet on the battles, providing a fun and immersive way to earn crypto.

meme kombat

Moreover, Meme Kombat boasts a staking mechanism, currently offering a 164% APY. However, this will decrease as more tokens are staked, so those looking to maximize their upside should act fast.

Another benefit to Meme Kombat is that its team is doxxed with its founder’s information available on its website. This adds transparency and suggests the team holds a long-term vision.

As such, traders are massively bullish. ClayBro recently speculated it “could be the biggest meme gaming token of 2024.”

Meanwhile, renowned YouTuber Crypto Pablo told his 155K YouTube subscribers Meme Kombat 100x.

The current Meme Kombat presale price is $0.268, but this will rise to $0.279 in two days.

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Myro is a Solana-based project displaying significant bullish momentum.

It is one of Solana’s largest meme coins, following Bonk and Dogwifhat. However, Dogwifhat has shown a vast decrease in interest in recent days, while Myro has started to gather momentum.

Given the explosive potential of the Solana meme coin market, this alludes to tremendous room for growth for Myro.

Currently, Myro is up 21% in the last day and 47% this week. That said, it suffered a strong pullback this month after reaching its all-time high.


Nevertheless, the recent shift in momentum could illustrate a potential reversal, enabling it to create new highs in the coming weeks.

Currently, Myro holds a $27 million market cap and an $11 million 24-hour trading volume. This provides a market cap-to-volume ratio of 38%, which is impressive and illustrates its rising momentum.

Another benefit to Myro is that its $27 million market cap presents tremendous room for growth, with Bonk currently valued at over $800 million and expected to grow significantly.

Myro is named after Solana co-founder Raj Gokal’s dog and offers notable benefits over other meme coins, like a built-in trading bot, and will soon release a staking mechanism.