Blu-rays in the current era are better than ever, but all of that 4K goodness also comes with a higher price-tag. Fortunately, Best Buy has a massive clearance sale now on for dozens of Blu-rays, and for those of you looking for something to display, this deal is focused primarily on steelbook editions. Once these steelbooks sell out, you’ll probably never be able to buy them again, as Best Buy is working toward no longer carrying Blu-rays starting this year. While you’re browsing Best Buy’s site, make sure to check out the retailer’s new weekend sale, too.

With steelbook releases, you’re getting your films in a durable container sporting alternative art. Tastes may vary, but generally, these covers are far superior to the generic designs of regular releases. On top of that, these films typically come with a code to stream the film online, a wealth of extras, and superb picture quality.

For the deals on offer, Best Buy has a mix of classic movies and modern blockbusters to check out. You can revisit the very beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man, get three terrific Indiana Jones movies–and one terrible film–in a handy collection, and watch John Wick reduce the entire population of European henchmen down to single-digit numbers in a trilogy of shootouts.

Indiana Jones collection

Classic cinema is being represented by some big heavyweights, like Schindler’s List, Natural Born Killers, and Rocky 3, while the must-have film in this promotion is the 35th-anniversary release of The Naked Gun. Not only is Frank Drebin’s first feature film appearance in glorious 4K, it also has extras aplenty to enjoy. Sadly, there’s nothing on that epic fight between Drebin and a random hospital pillow.

You can see the full list below, and for something different, you can get some terrific discounts on the Street Fighter 2 anime film and the Blu-ray release of the first (and best) Berserk animated series.

Best Buy Steelbook Blu-ray sale