There is an altcoin faceoff in the crypto market as two tokens, Waves and Chainlink, battle it out for the second cryptocurrency with the most potential. Taking the first spot is the presale project called Pullix. Pullix offers a slew of features and benefits that you do not want to miss out on. Let’s look at them.

Waves (WAVES) Price Forecast 

Waves (WAVES), a blockchain that allows users to create and launch custom crypto tokens, is losing an altcoin faceoff with Chainlink. While Chainlink is among the top 20 coins, Waves is not part of the top 150.

The crypto sits at the 162nd position with a market cap of $296 million. A look at the price chart showed that Waves has fallen from a weekly high of $3.18 to a low of $2.59.

Despite the price dip, Waves is trading higher than its year-to-date price with gains of 84.9%. According to Coincodex, the price of Waves is predicted to rise to $ 3.78 soon. 

Chainlink (LINK) was one of the top crypto coins that had a great start to 2024. Chainlink coin, worth over $8.14 billion on the market, is still in the top 20 list of cryptocurrencies by value. Unfortunately, the token’s value plunged hard, erasing some gains. 

The DeFi coin’s value fell 16.5% on the weekly chart, as shown by CoinGecko data. Luckily, a good bullish support level held up on Chainlink’s price chart. Following this, the value of Chainlink increased by 6.6% as of January 4th and is now worth $14 per coin.

The Chainlink coin, as some experts like Ali Charts say, LINK can go up to $34. This guess is backed by the recent rise in price, along with the bullish technical indicators.

Pullix (PLX) is shaking things up in 2024. This DeFi project mixes the best of traditional and decentralized finance into one neat package. 

This means you can trade a whole range of commodities, stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and even indices, all in one platform. Here are some cool features you can enjoy on Pullix:

  • Try your hand at margin trading with a bunch of different assets. You can even get up to 1000:1 leverage.
  • Enjoy trading without worrying about wide price differences between buying and selling, and guess what? There are no commission fees.
  • You get to fully control your digital money and private keys, giving you both ownership and peace of mind.

The DeFi Swap

One of the big highlights of Pullix is the DeFi swap tool. This functionality makes it easier and less expensive to exchange digital tokens. It is simple to use, with cheap fees and speedy transfers. You can also exchange tokens without the requirement for an intermediary.

The Pullix Token

Pullix’s utility digital currency is PLX. Pullix has taken certain initiatives to keep the PLX price steady. They contribute 10% to 30% of their earnings to PLX. This could make PLX one of the top crypto coins.

They also routinely reduce the number of PLX tokens in circulation through token burning. Pullix stands out as a leading altcoin in the crypto market as a result of these moves. The DeFi coin is available for $0.08 in its sixth presale stage.


Looking at the features offered by Pullix, it is no surprise why it has the most potential. Investors are already going big on the DeFi project as its launch draws near.

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