December 22, 2023: The Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event is only set to run for a handful more hours, so grab the rewards while you can!

What are the Monopoly Go Sleigh Race rewards? Yet another festive-themed event has kicked in. And like the rest, it’s available for a limited time only, spurring you into a dice-driven panic to gather up all the valuable dice rolls, cash, sticker packs, and bonus triggers you can grab before runs out. To help you make the most of it, we’ve stuffed the available rewards into an easy-to-read table down below. That way you’ll know if it’s worth your hard-earned rolls.

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Monopoly Go Sleigh Race rewards

Here’s the full list of Monopoly Go Sleigh Race rewards for you to grab:

Milestone Points Rewards
1 55 40 dice rolls
2 40 Sticker pack
3 90 70 dice rolls
4 130 High Roller (5 minutes)
5 110 80 dice rolls
6 150 Cash
7 200 Sticker pack
8 250 Mega Heist (15 minutes)
9 225 Sticker pack
10 275 175 dice rolls
11 300 Cash
12 400 Sticker pack
13 375 250 dice rolls
14 425 Cash
15 500 Rent Frenzy (20 minutes)
16 600 375 dice rolls
17 550 Sticker pack
18 700 Cash
19 800 500 dice rolls
20 1000 Cash
21 900 Cash
22 1300 750 dice rolls
23 1500 Cash Grab (15 minutes)
24 1800 Cash
25 2000  1200 dice rolls

In total, you can earn up to 3,440 free dice rolls by taking part in the Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event.

How to play Monopoly Go Sleigh Race

As long as the Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event is active, it should automatically start once you enter the game.

If the event doesn’t automatically start for you, you may need to hit that 500 Net Worth milestone first to unlock the necessary trigger. Without the Bank Heist and Shutdown mini-games available to you, you won’t be able to earn any points in the event.

When does the Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event end?

The Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event ends 24 hours after it begins. So if it begins at 6pm one day, it’ll end at 6pm the next day.

The Sleigh Race event in Monopoly Go is known to repeat. That means you’ll have multiple opportunities to complete it as it comes back around every few days.

Accumulated points will reset with each cycle, however, so you’ll start back at the first reward each time, which can make getting some smaller dice rolls and sticker packs easier.

How to get more Monopoly Go Sleigh Race points

Monopoly Go Sleigh Race points are earned by triggering Bank Heist and Shutdown events unlocked at 140 and 500 Net Worth respectively. The more of these you trigger, the more points you’ll earn toward the listed rewards.

All you need to do is keep rolling the dice to accumulate the necessary points required to unlock the cumulative rewards listed above.

And that’s about everything there is to know about the Monopoly Go Sleigh Race event right now. If you’re itching to play more games like this between roll resets, check out the best online board games we’ve managed to find. For other in-game events, be sure to finish up the Monopoly Go Jingle Jam and Monopoly Go Twinkle Tree events while you can.