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After 10 years, Destiny 2 finally lets you change your appearance

Destiny 2 has us overjoyed with Bungie’s latest update. Not only are we getting more Season of the Wish content and a raised glimmer cap, but we’re finally going to be able to change our Guardian’s appearance. This feature has been on our minds for years, a decade even, with no news of its arrival in sight until now. The upcoming character customization tool is even more exciting as it’s 100% free.

That’s right. According to Bungie, we’ll be able to change our appearance in Destiny 2. If you’ve been traversing the space game with your horrible teenage creation (abomination, even) of a character, or have chosen some questionable facial markings, don’t fret. In its weekly update, the developer reveals that you can soon “change your Guardian’s look when character customization goes live.”

The update drops this March, before The Final Shape release date. All you’ll have to do is launch the game and hover over a new option on the character selection screen. No paywall, and no optional purchases. It’s a better system than most other multiplayer games I play, too, as Bungie says that we can use it as often as we’d like “without cost or limit to the number of changes.”

The only thing you need to be cautious about is that you won’t be able to change your origin. If you chose to be a boring human (totally not biased here), sorry. You can still change your “body type, face, hair, head, and markings” though, which is more than enough variety to spice up your Guardian with.

To give us even more opportunities to customize our looks, Bungie is also resetting the Synthweave bounty cap once the character appearance feature goes live. You can head over to the announcement in the dev’s new This Week in Destiny post to learn more about the long-awaited customization menu and Bungie’s other announcements including the glimmer capacity increase and new Season of the Wish content.

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