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2024’s best new Metroidvania drops giant demo days before launch

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown is almost here, and it’s gearing up to be one of Ubisoft’s most exciting releases as the new entry to the 34-year-old series blends familiar elements with some new time-shattering gameplay features to create a unique Prince of Persia experience. If you want to give the action-adventure-packed Metroidvania a go yourself but aren’t yet sure about it, you can dip your toes into The Lost Crown right now with its new free demo.

While Prince of Persia The Lost Crown isn’t here just yet, the platform game‘s big demo drops today. This gives you a full week to explore the intricacies of Ubisoft’s latest Prince of Persia entry and a fair bit of time to enjoy the Metroidvania for free ahead of the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown release date.

In our own Prince of Persia The Lost Crown review, we explain why the action-adventure platformer has combat that “feels great,” and how the “tough-as-nails platforming challenges” work to create an addictive yet difficult gameplay cycle. All said the solid 7/10 game is a “fast, fluid, and mechanically engaging 2D adventure” worth a demo download.

You don’t need to worry about rushing through the beloved series’ latest entry either, as the dev explains the demo features “early unlocks of time powers and amulets, to show the main gameplay features,” all “while not spoiling the story.” If you’re interested in accessing the trial version right now, download it for free via the Epic Games Store or Ubisoft Connect.

While you download the demo, make sure to have our handy guide on all of the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown missions open to give yourself a step up before hopping in-game. Alternatively, you can browse through our rundown on all the Prince of Persia The Lost Crown lore collectibles locations to save yourself the trouble of searching for significant story tidbits throughout Mount Qaf on your own.

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